Things to Eat, See, and Do

Around the time I moved away from New York City, I compiled a list of things to eat, see, and do there, as a reminder for myself when I visited in the future, but also as a guide for anyone else I knew who might be going. I’ve realized it would be useful to store similar information for all the cities I visit. That’s what this list is. Along with each destination other than Toronto, where I live now, and Kitchener, where I grew up and my parents still live, I’ll list the last time I visited, to give an idea of how dated my experience is. The idea is to update this list over time instead of posting new lists in the future.

North America




United States

Nashville (March 2022)

New York City (June 2022)

See my separate post on NYC.



Berlin (October 2022)


Barcelona (October 2022)

Granada (October 2022)


South Africa

Cape Town (October-November 2022)